What you do in the first 30 minutes when you wake up in the morning determine how your day is going to be. You are who you think you are. You can do what you believe you can do. You can have whatever it is you want out of life.
Say these 19 things every morning for the next 21 days and it will change your life.
1. I create my life.
2. I play the money game to win.
3. I am committed to being rich.
4. I think big.
5. I focus on opportunities.
6. I admire other rich and successful people.

7. I associate with positive, successful people.

8. I promote myself and my value.
9. I’m bigger than my problems.
10.I am an excellent receiver.
11.I get paid based on results.
12.I think “both”.
13.I focus on my net worth.
14.I manage my money well.
15.I have my money work hard for me.

16.I act in spite of fear.
17.I constantly learn and grow.
18.I am committed to becoming more valuable.
19.I am always in control of my economic situation regardless of my outside circumstances.