The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, I use to think they were only in the movies or the minds of screen writers and directors,

until one day, I saw one.

Once you’ve see them you can never go back.

You realize that they are all around you, even in

your family, on the job and in your circle of friends.

Once you’ve been exposed to the truth,

which is: there are millions that died when they’re young and were never buried.

The Walking Dead are people with dreams and aspirations

never persuade,

never tested,

and never realized.

These are people that were lead to believing that all they needed was a JOB.

Once the job had been attained they processed to die daily.

They would stay there until they became an empty shell of who they could have been,

the life completely sucked out of them.

Now empty they walk the earth, they are the Walking Dead.

But there is hope for the ones that can vaguely remember there life before death.

We must search our minds,

go back to a time before we were assimilated in to this dying world.

We must go back to a time when dreams were pathways to our reality.

We must concede to the truth that anything is possible,

that the only person that can stop us, is US!

The blame for any lack of achievement always rest on our shoulders.

There is an old saying:

“When ever you point a finger at someone else, there is 3 pointing back at you”.

The only good thing about being part of the walking died is:

as long as you’re ON earth

and not IN the earth,

you can live again.

If you would

I need you to repeat after me:

I create my life!

I act in-spite of fear!

I can’t be stopped!

Repeat again

Now that we know what the Walking Dead looks like, we can use that to achieve Life!

Now! is the time to go after what we want.

We must believe there is nothing

we can’t do,

we can’t have,

or we can’t overcome.