Jan 12, 2016

“Life can either be something that happens to you or something you make happen.

You call the shoots, success rests on your shoulders.  You have the power, however, sometimes we give our power to others and they use it to control us.  You choose! Be in control or be controlled.

  1. What could you do differently to live your life more effectively?
  2. Where are you headed and how will you get there?
  3. What are you waiting to have happen that you could make happen?
  4. What answers are you seeking?
  5. What area of life could you take more control over?
  6. What’s stopping you and how can you stop it?
  7. What decisions could you be making by yourself that you have deferred to something or somebody else?

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to become.

                                                                                -Ralph Walde Emerson