Powerful Quote

“If you do what is easy, life will be hard.
If you do what is hard, life will be easy.”
-Les Brown

The Answer

          “See the invisible, believe the incredible, in order to achieve the impossible.”

                                                                                              —Norman Vincent Peale

The invisible is in your mind; can’t you see it?

The incredible is on your tongue, won’t you speak it?

The Answers to your life struggles are in YOU

Wanting to be spoken into existence.

In order to achieve the impossible,

you must do what you’ve never done,

go where you’ve never been,

You must know that there are no limits on your life, why?

Because we won’t except any!

Self Discipline


The ability to make yourself do, what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.


Strange fruit.

We Are the World!  It’s all of ours. We were born in it, and growing on it, and like a plant we feed off it. What makes us different than plants, it’s not what we take from it, but what we give to it.  Never stop wanting better for our families and friends.  Never succumbing to the pressures of the World and the dying powers that be.  Whose world is it? It’s our lives! What we make of ourselves feeds the world and what you feed the world determines if it will live or die.  Who am I? Why am I here?  What am I feeding the world, is it Life, or is it Death?

Thank You: What does that really mean?

1.  When I was a kid growing up my Mother and Father taught me many lessons.

How to say:

“yes sir”

“no ma’am”,

“stand up straight”, 

“look people in there eyes when your talking to them.”

These are just some of the many lessons I’ve carried with me through-out my life.

But today there is one lessons that stands-out behind the rest,

it is the value of gratitude,

and how to express it by saying  Thank You,.

2.  These words, Thank you: recognizing someone for doing something they didn’t have to do.

We would all likes to be knowledge when we’ve extended themselves

It’s a universal sign of respect and appreciation

3.  But, we’re living in a world where everything moves so fast,

everyone running here and there caught up in their own life struggles.

Grabbing and Pushing,

I running late, I can’t talk now!

too many things to do,

so little time to do it.

4.  I imagine we’ve all found ourselves at one time or another, so absorbed in the importance of what were doing, that Thank you gets lost in the shuffle.

We find ourselves in a world of our own creation.

The guy in front of us holds the door open because he sees we’re rushing to get through,

We walk through, but we don’t see,

We don’t acknowledge him, we don’t have time.

We’re inline at the grocery store, there is a lady in front of us,

her cart is running over,

She let’s us get in front of her because we only have a couple of items.

We walk past her, eye’s straight, we’re in a rush,

We’re thinking about the next place we have to go too. How can we get it all done

5.  We have become so consumed with living and surviving, that we have forgot what life is all about.

What about the acknowledgment of one another in the struggle.

Can’t we see we’re all in this thing together.

We are part of a race, the human race and we’re all connected.

When one person falls short, we all fall short just a little bit.

Gratitude, Acknowledgment, ICU, do you see me?, I’m  look at you, I’m not looking around you, I’m not looking through you, can you see me?

Two small words

Thank you: these are the words you want a person to not only hear but also feel

Any of us who receives a sincere “thank you” knows and appreciates what it means.

6.  But I believe there is more to it then that.

In Malaysian, Thank You: mean’s to “receive with Love”

With this, the words “Heartfelt” come mine.

Someone once said: “What comes from the Heart reaches the Heart”

Some scientists believe that the sole of a person which exist in another dimension is manifested in the heart.

That means who we are and what we care about is in our heart,

7.  The truth is:

We are the ones that hold the door open,

We let people in front of us at the grocery store,

We’ve volunteers for a jobs or task,

We do it because there is a light in us that must shine

And in that light,

there is a belief,

That it is better to give then to receive.”

We live a life that dictates:

“We treat people like we want to be treated.”

In Conclusion:

8.  I hope you not only heard the words from all the great speakers,

but felt the words,

experienced the words.

Let me just say: it has not only been an honor but a privilege to be apart of this program.

It’s obvious the preparation of this event is rooted in a foundation of not only

Appreciation and Gratitude

but in love.

How wonderful it is to be on a team working together for a common cause,

not for any monetary incentives or any type of elevation through praise,

But because we believe in the value of gratitude.


In this busy world of noise

A time was set aside

For one purpose

And that is to show some folks:

that you recognize their contribution

that you admire their dedication

and you appreciate there service

All that’s left to be said is:

Thank you.